New York Lighting History


Since 2001, the History Committee of the IES/NYC section has been working to document lighting history with a concentration on figures, manufacturers, and projects in the Greater NYC area.

Over thirty interviews have been recorded between 2008 and the present. Out of these interviews and additional research, we have compiled and presented eight full-length programs to the public, and we are scheduled to present a ninth program in April 2023.

In addition to our individual interviews, we also presented a keynote panel session at LightFair International 2009 in New York.

For more information, please contact:
31 Chambers Street, Ste 609
New York, NY 10007

The mission of the History Committee is to:

The T.A.L.K. project (Talk, Archive, Listen, Keep) evolved out of that mission. The committee has established three categories of interview targets: Endangered Species” (newly retired luminaries); Forgotten Pioneers; and People Who Know People. We have invited a diverse selection of luminaries, of different ages and backgrounds, and from different realms of the lighting world. These have included lighting designers, lamp, fixture, controls and component designers and manufacturers, engineers, educators, and sales representatives.

We have focused on the New York area since that is our mission, but have ventured farther when needed to fill out a story.


Date Interviewee Company Interviewer
11 July 2008 Mr. David Mintz David A. Mintz D. Blitzer
25 July 2008 Ms. Rita Harrold Illuminating Engineering Society D. Blitzer
08 Aug 2008 Mr. Ray Grenald Grenald Waldron Associates L. Waldron
15 Aug 2008 Mr. Howard Brandston (I) Brandston Partnership D. Blitzer
24 Aug 2008 Mr. Howard Brandston (II) Brandston Partnership D. Blitzer
19 Sep 2008 Mr. Imero Fiorentino Imero Fiorentino Associates D. Blitzer
26 Sep 2008 Mr. Howard Baldinger HB Architectural Lighting Inc. D. Blitzer
10 Oct 2008 Mr. Willard Warren William L. Warren Associates D. Blitzer
17 Oct 2008 Mr. Jeffrey Milham Design Decisions D. Blitzer
31 Oct 2008 Mr. Howard Brandston (III) Brandston Partnership D. Blitzer
14 Nov 2008 Mr. Viggo Rambusch Rambusch Lighting D. Blitzer
21 Nov 2008 Mr. Fulgencio Bengochea Edison Price Lighting, Inc. D. Blitzer
05 Dec 2008 Mr. Henry Muller Henry Muller Design D. Blitzer
13 Feb 2009 Mr. Bill Blitzer Lightolier (Retired) D. Blitzer
Panelists: Howard Brandston, Ray Grenald, David Mintz, Sonny Sonnenfeld, and William Warfel
11 May 2009 Mr. Sonny Sonnenfeld Strand/ETC (Retired) D. Blitzer
07 Aug 2009 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Spira LUTRON Electronics, Inc. D. Blitzer
25 Sep 2009 Ms. Francesca Bettridge CBB Lighting Design D. Blitzer
09 Oct 2009 Mr. John Apmann Spectrolume (Retired) D. Blitzer
11 Dec 2009 Ms. Joanne Lindsley Lindsey Consultants D. Blitzer
18 Dec 2009 Ms. Barbara Montgomery LSI Lighting D. Blitzer
23 Apr 2010 Mr. John Tremaine Q-Tran, Inc. D. Blitzer
07 July 2010 Mr. Jules Fisher,
Mr. Paul Marantz
Fisher Marantz Stone D. Blitzer
18 Aug 2010 Mr. William Lam William Lam Inc. D. Blitzer
15 Nov 2012 Ms. Nancy Christensen G.E. Lighting (Retired) A. Kelly
13 Mar 2013 Mr. Terry McGowan Lighting Ideas. Inc. D. Blitzer
19 Apr 2019 Mr. Theo Kondos T. Kondos Associates D. Blitzer
26 Apr 2019 Mr. Jim Kaloudis JDK Lighting D. Blitzer
26 July 2019 Mr. Marvin Wittlin Sentry Lighting D. Blitzer
14 Sept 2020 Mr. Robert Prouse Brandston Partnership D. Blitzer
23 Oct 2021 Mr. Bill Schwinghammer Schwinghammer Lighting D. Blitzer
28 Oct 2021 Ms. Barbara Horton,
Mr. Stephen Lees
Horton-Lees Lighting D. Blitzer


Addison Kelly, US Lighting Consultants
William L. Maiman, William L. Maiman Consulting

Board Liaison:
Megan Carroll, Lighting Services, Inc.

T.A.L.K. Oral History Project:
Dan Blitzer, Practical Lighting Workshop
Robert Nadel, Energy and Lighting Systems, Ltd
Judith Nadel, Energy and Lighting Systems, Ltd
Robert Prouse, Brandston Partnership Inc,(Retired)
Brooke Silber, Borealis Lighting Studio
Jim Toole, Selux Lighting

Phil Cialdella, Lightabilities
Manny Feris, Lutron Electronics
Peter Jacobson, Con Edison (Retired)

Videographer/Creative Consultant
Shay Mohsin, Shay Motion Media